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Frame Colors:
➤ Matt Black / Grey (Photochromic)
➤ Matt Black
➤ Matt White
➤ Matt Neon Pink
➤ Matt Neon Yellow

NTD 4,280
  • For your eyes only
    If you are serious about your sport, you are serious about your vision. This is why we have developed Vision with you in mind. A model so customizable that you can make it your - only yours. Vision is technically advanced with light weight and Jawbone technology. Nose pad and temples are easily adjusted for superb comfort. The big cylindrical lens has high optical quality and widens your field of view. Additionally, it has extraordinarily efficient ventilation. Vision is equipped with a Hydro Lens Tech™-lens, providing you with clear vision in different weather conditions. As a unique feature you can use an optical adapter that you can have adjusted to fit your eyeglasses prescription (can be purchased separately). Vision is a perfect choice for cycling, skiing and other demanding multisports. A chance to get customized vision suited to your personal conditions!

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    Technical information
    • Optical adapter available, for prescription lenses
    • Jawbone Technology and an extra jawbone in different color included
    • Including a nosepiece so you can wear it half framed
    • Fits normal to wider faces • Adjustable friction rubber nose pad
    • Adjustable temple tips in rubber wire core
    • Hydro Lens System™
    • Hard protective case