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  • - StVZO-Zulassung -
    HIGHLUX.50 S - compact, powerful headlight with brightness sensor and automatic function.With three switching levels, the luminosity can be optimally adjusted to the environment. In the sensor-controlled automatic mode, the luminosity adapts to the ambient brightness and always ensures the best illumination and more safety in changing light conditions. Power mode 50 lux up to 2.5 hours, mid mode 30 lux up to 5 hours and eco mode 15 lux up to 10 hours. Micro-USB, exchangeable lithium-ion batteries, charge indicator light and non-slip click holder.

    Technical information
    Battery | Lithium-Polymer
    Visible Distance | 70M
    Water Proof | IP44
    Weight | 98g
    Running Time | 10 hrs