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  • - StVZO-Zulassung -
    The BRAKE LIGHT function is triggered by an acceleration sensor. If the sensor registers negative acceleration, the brake light is activated and two more power LEDs light up. Terrain Scan Control analyzes the road surface and avoids disruptive and irritating false triggering of the brake light due to unevenness. With special technology, the brake light is reliably and permanently calibrated and permanently adjusted to the bike. The BRAKE LIGHT function is activated when the lighting is switched on. E-bikes up to 25 km/h can be equipped quickly and easily with the safety-relevant "BRAKE LIGHT" feature.

    Technical information
    Voltage | DC 6V ~ 60V
    Sensor | TSC
    Water Proof | IP44
    Dimension | 95x44x19 mm
    Mount System | Rack